Operational Research The Science of Better

Whatever kind of problem or opportunity you face, there's probably a way for O.R. to help.

Here you'll find ways of recognising the opportunity, sources of O.R. expertise and how to work with an O.R. professional.

How to recognise the opportunity

Begin with a general review of your organisation, its departments, and its processes. Look for difficult decisions that could benefit from the analysis of large amounts of data – like where to locate a new plant or how to make a manufacturing process more efficient. Look for complex processes that are being performed manually or with outdated systems. Look for important decisions that are made every day that might benefit from real-time data driven insight.

Are you gaining the most from your supply chain, logistics, or manufacturing processes? The way you deliver your services, set your prices, or evaluate your portfolio? These are all areas where O.R. can help you make significant improvements.

7 Signs that an organisation could benefit from operational research

Where to find help